Semester Study Abroad For The Experience Of A Lifetime

There are many good reasons to semester study abroad. This means that as part of your college education, you would complete a portion of your work in another country. There are many places you can go for abroad study, just about anywhere you can think of. If you are interested in learning more about such an opportunity, there should be an advisor at your school who can tell you more about what is available and how you can take part in study programs abroad.

Many students from North America decide to semester study abroad in Europe. It's no wonder, because the continent is a rich tapestry of diverse cultures and landscapes. An architecture student could travel to Italy and learn about ancient Italian architecture. A cooking student could travel to France to receive tutelage under fine French chefs. An art student could travel to Switzerland and paint idyllic mountain scenes. These are just a few examples of what may be possible. There are few limits to what you can do academically when studying overseas.

Sometimes you may travel as a group for abroad study, or you might go solo. There may even be an exchange program in place where a student from abroad travels to your school while you are at theirs. Education in the academic sense is just one benefit of traveling overseas for college study. You get to experience a whole new world, a new language, a new culture. You are able to see breathtaking monuments, landmarks and natural wonders that you may never see again, to walk in the footsteps of the ancients. And thanks to camera technology, you can capture your time abroad on film for everlasting memories.

If you want to semester study abroad, the first step is to find out what opportunities are available. As previously mentioned, there should be at least one advisor at your university that can help you. Then you will need to learn about costs and whether you can get financial aid for the trip if you need it. The matter of student travel insurance must be taken care of, as well as other legalities like any required vaccines and your passport. You should also find out about the college credits you will receive for spending time in abroad study. Once all is said and done, you are ready to embark on a grand learning adventure.


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Students study volcanoes, glaciers and impact craters in Canada
Hearing the rushing of waterfalls, hiking to craggy pinnacles and discovering fossils were among unforgettable opportunities for six College of the Mainland students on a study abroad trip to Canada...

Nigeria: Global Shapers Give New Boost to Community Work in Kano
[Deutsche Welle]The city of Kano in northern Nigeria is widely regarded as backward and underdeveloped. A group of young people are actively working to change this, despite terror attacks by Boko Haram and political violence...

Israel, Hamas conflict could impact university's study abroad program - Diamondback Online

Israel, Hamas conflict could impact university's study abroad program
Diamondback Online
As the crisis in Israel continues, universities with study abroad programs in Israel face uncertain paths in light of the conflict. The U.S. State Department issued a travel warning for U.S. citizens intending to travel to Israel, recommending .


Why you should study abroad
Things don't start to feel real until you drag your two empty suitcases into your bedroom and start to pack for your semester abroad...

UGA study abroad programs remain responsive to international crises - Red and Black

UGA study abroad programs remain responsive to international crises
Red and Black
With a cluster of University of Georgia students returning from study abroad programs for the fall semester, some may question whether or not several programs will continue in the wake of political unrest in several nations and an Ebola epidemic in .

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Study Abroad At The Worlds Happiest Country, Tuition-Free!
Most people know of Norway as the birthplace of the viral song, What Does The Fox Say?. As seen in the video, this Scandinavian nation has a plethora of wildlife and natural beauty. Its fauna includes polar bears and wild reindeer roaming the fjords (think: Disneys Frozen). Its breathtaking views range from the 24-hour midnight sun to [EURŠ]..

China to fund scholarships for Bowie State students -- Gazette.Net
Between 20 and 40 Bowie State University students will have the opportunity to study abroad in China free of charge thanks to a partnership formally established in July between China and eight historically black colleges and universities...

University of Mary announces study-abroad program in Peru - Bismarck Tribune

University of Mary announces study-abroad program in Peru
Bismarck Tribune
In addition to the semester-long study-abroad session, the University of Mary will offer students the opportunity to participate in a medical mission, delivering basic health care to Ayaviri, Peru, and surrounding villages in the Andes mountains .

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